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Hello fellow reader


I am a year 6 child about to do her SATs. Although i am freaking out! I am such a worry worm and worry about the tiniest things that not even a flea can see. It becomes harder when friends make you feel small or invisble and they have no clue how you feel because you are scared to even show it. Just like the process of building a flat of houses everything is building up and up and up until i cant even cope. I really just want to get them over and done with!

Now with the pressure of people thinking your smart and know everything and they expect you to get every single question right...doesnt help. There are so many talented and clever people in my year, it just makes me feel more anxious and forced to do well. I used to go to this Maths class to help get a level but everyone else knew what they were doing and i just felt like i wanted to burst into tears and leave the room running. but i try my hardest to hide the slightest bit of doubt in my fake, plasticated smile. Sometimes i just want to dig a hole and live deep inside, Is that right?

In the preparation for the SATs has failed too. At home i generally talk to friends, play out and jibber jabber ALOT! I havent tried to study or helpo myslef at all. My Mum and Dad want me to do well and i understand that but i dont want to tell them that i feel pressured and forced by them. Now that is another brick flat ontop of my tower!

In  the SATs I want to reach my full potential and do my very best for the teachers and Staff that have helped me with all that ive learnt. They may mean only the slightest chunk of my full education but i still want to do well. When they are over i will be filled with relief and hopefully the massive layer of flats will crumble and fall and disapear!

I have been getting alot of support from friends and all sorts of family which has been lighting up my days. They gave me adive which has helped alot! My SATs story has probably bored you to death but hopefully i have helped a little bit! :)

Lily ♥