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Miss Irelands "Record this Moment in Time" Challenge

This has been such a mad week for us all. One thing we also need to understand it that this will go down in history. Never in our lifetimes has there been anything like this and people will always talk of this virus. 

You as the younger generation should make a record of this moment in time, however you choose. Something that when you are a grown up you can show your children. 

Those of you in my class, or who have ever had me as a teacher, know how much I love to write, especially poems. So here is my writing about the virus. 

I would love to see yours, maybe its a poem, an information text, a story, a diary entry, a poster, a video! You Warboys children are so creative I know you will come up with fantastic things. 

I will give prizes to the best entries as soon as we are back. Bring them to my classroom on our first day back, whenever that might be. 

Miss you all, stay safe and look after your families. 

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