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Warboys Primary Academy

Moving Forward Together
To Develop Confident, Independent Learners



Letters are sent out from the academy via ParentMail and loaded below in PDF format.

Note: you may need to download Abode Reader to read the files.




18.12.20 All End of Term Newsletter
15.12.20 KS1 Starfish Class Arrangements
09.12.20 All Important Covid-19 Information Update
09.12.20 All Weekly Newsletter
02.12.20 All Weekly Newsletter
25.11.20 All Weekly Newsletter
23.11.20 EYFS EYFS Nativity Permission
18.11.20 All Weekly Newsletter
11.11.20 All Term Dates
11.11.20 All Weekly Newsletter
10.11.20 All NPL4Kids Free Workshop
09.11.20 All RSE & PSHCE Policy Review
09.11.20 All WPA RSE Policy (Draft)
09.11.20 All WPA PSHCE Policy (Draft)
04.11.20 All Weekly Newsletter
04.11.20 All Returning to School - Reminder
04.11.20 All End of Day Arrangements - Reminder
23.10.20 All Halloween Safety ii
23.10.20 All Halloween Safety i
23.10.20 All Half Term Update
21.10.20 All Weekly Newsletter
14.10.20 All Weekly Newsletter
14.10.20 All Bonfire Menu
09.10.20 All How to...Mental Health
07.10.20 All Weekly Newsletter
30.09.20 All Weekly Newsletter
25.09.20 All Covid-19 Testing
23.09.20 All Weekly Newsletter
18.09.20 Years 5 & 6 Upper KS2 Newsletter
18.09.20 Years 3 & 4 Lower KS2 Newsletter
18.09.20 KS1 KS1 Newsletter
18.09.20 All Flu Immunisations
16.09.20 All Weekly Newsletter
16.09.20 All Poorly Child Quick Reference Guide
15.09.20 All Covid-19: A Quick Reference Guide for Parents
14.09.20 All Tik Tok Parent Information
11.09.20 All Updated Collection Information
11.09.20 All Collection Changes
11.09.20 EYFS EYFS Information
09.09.20 All Weekly Newsletter
09.09.20 All School Bubbles
04.09.20 All Letter to Parents
04.09.20 All Returning to School Information for Parents
04.09.20 All School Bubble Map
03.09.20 All Test & Trace
02.09.20 All Welcome Back to School
28.08.20 All Getting Back to School