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Health & Safety

Illness or Accidents at School

Despite our care and concern, it is always possible that your child may be taken ill in school or suffers some mishap. We always do our best to comfort and tend your child, but it may be necessary to get in touch with you to consider whether the child should go home, or visit the doctor.

In an emergency we will call an ambulance. It is therefore essential that we have your correct contact details.


We will also ask you to complete a consent form allowing us to give permission for medical treatment in the event of an emergency.

If your child has a minor bump or accident that has led to some treatment, you will receive a small slip explaining what happened and how we responded.


We are not able to administer medicines at school unless they are prescribed and the necessary forms completed. Most GPs now prescribe antibiotics in three doses so they can be taken outside of the school day. Please contact the office for further guidance. The medication consent form can be downloaded here.

School Security


ALL visitors must report to the school office, where they must sign a visitor's book. Visitors will not be allowed onto the premises until arrangements have been made for them to be received by a member of staff. The inner doors of the front entrance have a security lock that can only be opened by a member of staff from inside or from the office.

Registers and Log Book

The need to keep track of the people in the building is important for two reasons: firstly to ensure that only those people who have business in the school are admitted. Secondly, in the event of an emergency when the school must be evacuated, everyone must be accounted for.

External Doors

Once the children are in school and the day has started, all doors leading to the playground are locked from the inside. The only route into school is then via the front office.

Late arrivals/Early departures

If your child arrives late for the start of school and the outside doors are closed, please go to the front entrance where your child will be entered onto the register. If your child has to leave school early, please come to the front entrance where the school secretary will ensure that they are checked out correctly.

If your child goes home for lunch, please make sure that he or she does not return to school until 1.10pm, no earlier please.

End of the School Day

Once all the children have left, the outside doors are again locked and the only access is via the front office.


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