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Warboys Primary Academy

Moving Forward Together
To Develop Confident, Independent Learners



Letters are sent out from the academy via ParentMail.

Note: you may need to download Abode Reader to read these PDF files.




01.12.21 KS1 KS1 Production - Parent Information
12.11.21 All Advent Calendar Raffle
10.11.21 All Anti-Bullying Week
08.11.21 All Enhanced Response Area
03.11.21 All Mintridge Foundation - Justine Lucas
03.11.21 All P.T.F.A. AGM Agenda (4th Nov)
22.10.21 All Changes to The Hideout
22.10.21 EYFS & Year 6 NCMP Information
19.10.21 EYFS EYFS P.E.
18.10.21 All Protocol for Online Parent Consultations
08.10.21 All School Dinners - Update
08.10.21 All Parent Consultations - Update
07.10.21 All COVID-19 Update
27.09.21 All Zoe Hope - Early Intervention Family Worker
27.09.21 All EIFW Workshop Poster
14.09.21 Year 6 Transition to Secondary School
13.09.21 All Influenza Immunisation
13.09.21 All Influenza Immunisation - Consent Form
13.09.21 All Welcome Back from Mick Gernon
08.09.21 All Zoe Hope - Early Intervention Family Worker
06.09.21 All Covid19 Update
06.09.21 All Covid19 - Parent/Carer Flowchart
06.09.21 Years 1 to 6 McKie Mastery
03.09.21 All Back to School Arrangements