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Teaching and Learning of Phonics

Phonics is all about using:

SKILLS for reading and spelling + KNOWLEDGE of the alphabet.

We use the Letters and Sounds Scheme to support the teaching of Phonics

Everyday the children have a 20 minutes Phonic session.

Session Structure:

  • Revisit
  • Phoneme teach (new)
  • Apply (activities)
  • Tricky word

We have 4 days of new sounds and 1 day revisit/apply.

We assess the children each Half Term to address any sounds that need recapping.

In May we have a Phonics Screening Check which is an assessment to confirm whether pupils have learnt their letter sounds and whether they can use them to decode and read a range of words of increasing phonic complexity.

Phonic Terms

  • Phonemes: The smallest units of sound that are found within a word
  • Grapheme: The spelling of the sound e.g. Th
  • Diagraph: Two letters that make one sound when read
  • Trigraphs: Three letters that make one sound
  • CVC: Stands for consonant, vowel, consonant.
  • Segmenting: Breaking up a word into its sounds.
  • Blending : Putting the sounds together to read a word
  • Tricky words: Words that cannot easily be decoded

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